Topic Name Description
How to navigate (move from one page to another) in my courses Book How to move around in the Moodle site.

There are several ways to move around in your course(s). There is no single 'right way'; it is a matter of personal preference.


Breadcrumbs are located at the top left margin on the page, directly above the header. They show the 'path' you have taken. The breadcrumb bar remains at the top of your screen even when you have scrolled down the page.

The last page name, in this case is  'Introduction to the Hospital.  This where you currently are.  To move back to the main 'NUCL 146' page, click on that text. This is faster than using the browser 'back' arrow.

How to update your profile and change your password Book How to update "My profile" and change my password

Details on which profiles settings need to be update by you and information about passwords and security questions.

How do I use a Moodle 'Book'? Book What is a 'Book'?

How a 'book' is used to provide information to students.

Communicating with other students and your instructor Book Quickmail and Messages

Use the Message or Quickmail (if enabled on your course) to contact other people that have an account on this site.

This could include other students and instructors.

How to participate in a discussion/forum Book What is a forum and how do I participate?

Hints and tips on how to participate in the classroom discussion forums

How to use a Chat Room Book What is a Chat?

The chat activity module enables participants to have text-based, real-time synchronous discussions.

What is the calendar for? How do I use it? Book Using the Calendar Block

Using the calendar block can help in managing your course work.  Check out the contents....there may be a few tricks you haven't yet discovered.

How to complete, submit and upload assignments Book How to find and upload (submit) my assignments online.

Information on where assignments are listed, how to access them, how to submit them for marking, and how to replace a file.

Quizzes Book What will a quiz look like?

Instructors use quizzes for many purposes.  Quizzes can be an official test or they can also be a self-test which is a way for you to test your own understanding of the course material.

How do I see my grades? Book Accessing My Grades

Where you can see the grades that have been posted in Moodle.  Note, these are not your official grades.  Transcripts, which are your official grades, are available through Selkirk's Student Record System.

Private Files Book How can I use Private Files?

My Private Files is an area where you can upload data to retrieve at a later date.  It can function similar to a jump drive.  There is a 2 Mb limit on this file storage area.