Practice Submitting an Assignment here..Try It!

Submission Instructions: Upload a one page maximum text document. If you are unsure how to do this, read the How to find and Upload (Submit) my Assignments online instructions.

You may use an existing document for practice, or create a Word document that includes the name of your course, and the start date. Save the document to your desktop.

  • Click on the 'Browse' button to locate your file.
  • Highlight the file. Click on OPEN.
  • The file location and name will appear in the Assignment field of Moodle.
  • Click on 'Upload this file'
  • You will see "File Uploaded Successfully"
  • Clicking on the 'Continue' button will provide a link to the uploaded document.

NOTE: A grade for this assignment will not show in your grades (because this assignment will not be graded - it is for practice only), however you will be able to see if it has been submitted by going to the Activity block and clicking on Assignments. The 'Submission status' will show the date and time of the submission.

It will be necessary to login to this course, using your username and password to access the practice assignment.