Using the Calendar Block

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Book: Using the Calendar Block
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Date: Tuesday, 28 June 2022, 4:55 AM


Using the calendar block can help in managing your course work.  Check out the contents....there may be a few tricks you haven't yet discovered.

1. Using the Calendar

The calendar block may be used to remind you of important dates.
The instructor may set the calendar to display items/events such as exam dates, assignment due dates, chat times, or quizzes.

Dates that have an event scheduled are highlighted.  

Hover the mouse over the date reveals the name of the event: 

Clicking on the date provide the details:

The orange highlighting indicates that this is a course event. See the legend at the bottom of your calendar.

2. Personal, Course and Site Calendar events

There are three types of calendar events:

  • User - personal reminders.  Only you, the user, can see them.  They are highlighted in blue.
  • Course - events and dates entered by your instructor. They are highlighted in orange.
  • Site - events and dates of interest to the Selkirk College community. They are highlighted in green.

The above calendar shows a personal (blue highlight) and a course (orangish highlight) event.

To add a user (personal) entry:

  • Click on the Month in the Calendar block
  • New event button (see image below)
  • Enter the Event Title  (a required field)

  • Set the Date of the event (required information)
  • Type of event:  Personal
  • Click Show more..... to:
  • Enter event information in the Description field
  • Save

To edit or delete an entry:

  • Click on the entry
  • Notice the two icons to the right of the entry.  The gear icon will allow you to update/edit your entry, the trash can icon will delete the entry.

3. Calendar Views - By single course or all courses

User/personal entries will appear regardless of which course you are presently in.

Course entries appear for the course you are presently in: 

For an overview of all calendar entries for the courses you are enrolled in:

Change the Day view. 

  • Click on the drop down menu.
  • Select All courses.

This is a good way to keep track of your assignments and manage your time.