What is a 'Book'?

How a 'book' is used to provide information to students.

1. How a book is used in Moodle

A 'Book' is one of many resources that your instructor can use to provide course materials for you... you are reading and navigating through one now.  It combines several pages into a book format that is easy to navigate and easy to print. Unlike a paper book, these books can also contain links to other Internet resources.

How to use the book:

Notice the Table of Contents listed in the right navigation pane.  Each of these topics is a link to that content.

Clicking on the link takes you directly to that chapter.

To Print the entire book or a Chapter of the book:

Click on the 'gear' at the top right to select you print option.

To move to the next page, click on either of the forward (right) arrows located at the top and  bottom of this page.  To move to a previous page, click on the back (left) arrow.