What is a Chat?

The chat activity module enables participants to have text-based, real-time synchronous discussions.

1. Chat Room

A Chat Room is any form of synchronous conferencing.  The people chatting (messaging) are all online at the same time, responding to questions/comments in 'real time'.  This differs from asynchronous communication, for example in the forums, where the participants respond at a time when the initiator and other participants may not be online.

There are rules that help the chat room function in a orderly manner. They are called Chat etiquette. Please read these rules or the rules provided by your instructor before you enter the chat room. Chat Etiquette.

Try entering the General Chat room and enter a text message. It is unlikely that another student will be there at this exact time but try it out! Access it through the Activities block on the left side bar or click on the link in the topic block 'General Chat Room'.

A reminder that all chats can be recorded - use them to communicate appropriately with other students.

Click on the text "Enter the Chat Room Now".