Using the Calendar Block

Using the calendar block can help in managing your course work.  Check out the contents....there may be a few tricks you haven't yet discovered.

2. Personal, Course and Site Calendar events

There are three types of calendar events:

  • User - personal reminders.  Only you, the user, can see them.  They are highlighted in blue.
  • Course - events and dates entered by your instructor. They are highlighted in orange.
  • Site - events and dates of interest to the Selkirk College community. They are highlighted in green.

The above calendar shows a personal (blue highlight) and a course (orangish highlight) event.

To add a user (personal) entry:

  • Click on the Month in the Calendar block
  • New event button (see image below)
  • Enter the Event Title  (a required field)

  • Set the Date of the event (required information)
  • Type of event:  Personal
  • Click Show more..... to:
  • Enter event information in the Description field
  • Save

To edit or delete an entry:

  • Click on the entry
  • Notice the two icons to the right of the entry.  The gear icon will allow you to update/edit your entry, the trash can icon will delete the entry.