How to find and upload (submit) my assignments online.

Information on where assignments are listed, how to access them, how to submit them for marking, and how to replace a file.

1. Uploading an Assignment

Assignments can be accessed from:

  • Main Course page
  • Calendar -  if the assignment has a due date
  • Activities block (A list of course assignments and activities  - things that you are 'to do' and read in this course.)
  • Dashboard in the Timeline block

1)  From the Activities block:

Click on the link 'Assignments'

All assignments are listed.  Clicking on the Assignment name opens a screen with details of the assignment, and the 'Submission status' information.

2)  From Dashboard > Timeline block:


Uploading the document/file:

Open the Assignment, click the Add submission button.

There are two ways to add your submission(s):

1.  Drag and drop the file into the specified area (big blue arrow), or

2.  Use the  button

Using the   button

  • Click on the Add... button
  • File Picker screen opens
  • Browse - to access files from your computer
    • Find and Select the file
    • Open
  • The file selected will now appear in the Attachment:  field
  • Save as:  optional - you can rename the file here
  • Author:  Your name
  • Choose licence:  default - All rights reserved
  • Upload this file - button

Uploaded file:

If more than one file is being attached, repeat these steps.

Notice the top right corner indicates the maximum file size and number of attachments allowed.
Troubleshooting tip:  If you get an error message check that the size of your attachment does not exceed the maximum allowed.

  • Save changes