Accessing My Grades

Where you can see the grades that have been posted in Moodle.  Note, these are not your official grades.  Transcripts, which are your official grades, are available through Selkirk's Student Record System.

1. Viewing Gradebook

Grades can be accessed by:

  • Gradebook - shows all grades achieved to date
  • Activities block - shows quiz grades to date and provides links to the assignment 'Submission status' page to view the grade and feedback on the assessment.


Your instructor may or may not use the Gradebook module.  If used, you will see a link to 'Grades' from the Dashboard.

Refer to the course outline for weighting specific to your course.  For demonstration purposes the following example has been set for:

  • The category of Assignments is worth 25% of the total grade.
  • The category of Participation is worth 25% of the total grade.
  • The Final Exam is worth 25% of the total grade.
  • The category of Quizzes is worth 25% of the total grade. 

  • Category totals are Assignments, Participation, Quizzes, Final Exam: Graded items are grouped by category and each category has it's own total.
  • Course total: The 'Course total' , in this example, represents 25% of each category total to date.
  • Grade item:  The assessment items in this column are also links (eg. Assignment 1) to the graded item to review the instructions, your submissions, detailed feedback, etc.
  • Grade: Your score.
  • Range:  The range of marks available.  0 - 100 means the assignment has a maximum 100 possible marks.
  • Percent:  Your score calculated as a percentage.  In our example, Quiz 1, Peter achieved 93 points out of a possible 100, therefore his percentage is 93%.  On Quiz 2 he achieved 25 points out of a possible 50 points, therefore the percentage is 50%. 
  • Feedback:  Comments and feedback on assignments