How can I use Private Files?

My Private Files is an area where you can upload data to retrieve at a later date.  It can function similar to a jump drive.  There is a 2 Mb limit on this file storage area.

1. How My Private Files Works

My Private Files:

  • Has a maximum of 2 MB of storage per user.
  • Is attached to the user.  Any of your course(s) that has this block available will allow you access to these files as well as through the Dashboard.
  • Files in this area are only visible to you.

Adding files:

Click on 'Manage private files'.

My private files

Add documents/files using the "Add...." or Drag and Drop files feature.

Save changes.

Retrieving documents/files:

Clicking on the name of the document will download a copy.

  • Click Download all - the files are zipped and downloaded onto your computer.  Unzip the file to access individual documents.

Delete:  Removes the file from Private files area.  This will be necessary if you reach the 2 MB limit.

Click on Manage Private Files

At the Private Files section, click on the name of the document, choose delete.

Update :  Updates any changes on this screen.  For example the name of the document.